Tub of Fun


What surfing should be all about... fun! No quiver is complete without one of these.  The Tub of Fun was created for smallish waves.  You don’t want to ride a longboard, and your shortboard just won’t go.  The Tub of Fun features the thickness and wide point forward, making for unimaginable paddling performance.  The single concave to spiral-vee, along with the pulled-in tail generates a surprisingly maneuverable, skatey speed machine.  Riding this board is a reminder of just how fun surfing is supposed to be. Can be ridden as a Twin or Quad with various tail options.

Wave Range: Ankle to Chest 

Recommended length: 4'10-5'8

Average Dimensions:    

Width: 21.5"

Thickness: 2.5"

Nose: 18.5"

Tail: 16.75"