Custom and stock boards for delivery up and down the California coast happens every other week. These boards will be delivered to select shops from San Diego to San Francisco. Packing fee for these deliveries is $10, plus the shipping fee.

All other boards to be shipped will be charged a box/packing fee starting at $50, for a single board up to 10'6. (For longer boards please request a quote). Domestic shipments usually run between $150 & $250 depending on size and place of delivery/pick-up. Board shipments for pick-up at Honolulu Airport usually start around $200. 

Residential and commercial deliveries are available; however, it is generally cheapest to pick up your board(s) will call at your nearest airport, railroad station, freight company, etc.

You are also more than welcome to organize your own shipping if you would prefer.

Please fill out the form below to request a quote.

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