You’re that guy/girl, the dreamer, always looking out the window, wondering, what it was like back in the day, when perfect uncrowded waves graced beaches the world over.  And the boards, those heavy, volan glassed, multi-stringered longboards with glassed on “D” fins.  What would it have been like to pull up to Swami’s or Rincon with nary a soul about?  “Only if…,” you sigh.  Here it is folks.  A traditional “Pig.”  Thank you Dale Velzy.  This beauty is designed for timeless surfing and the feelings of yesteryear.  It features soft, full, 50/50 rails, flat rocker, high density foam, and a timeless “D” fin.  Rock on!

Wave Range: Ankle to whatever you dare...

Recommended length: 9’0 - 10’1

Average Dimensions:  

Width: 23 1/4"

Thickness: 3 1/4" 

Nose 16 3/4"    

Tail: 16 1/2"