Modern Mal


While so many are working to revive Magic Sam, I’ve looked to the other outstanding templates from the period, and present for your enjoyment the Modern Mal, classic elements in a forward-looking package.  The Modern Mal flaunts attitude and performance.  An Aussie influenced outline, with the wide point behind center, creates a log that turns quickly in dicey situations.  In addition, the straighter nose outline, coupled with an austere roll from nose to tail, rockets the Modern Mal forward when cross-stepping to the nose.  A great board, the Modern Mal, she goes amazing in quick breaking beach breaks, but doesn’t shy away from reef or point surf. 

Wave Range: Knee to Shoulder

Recommended length: 8’10 - 10′

Average Dimensions:  

Width: 22 3/4" 

Thickness: 3"

Nose 17"        

Tail: 16 1/2"