Arenal Surfboards is driven by the exploration of riding waves, through the surfer/shaper relationship, and the art and craft of building boards.  All surfboards are hand-shaped to remain true to these values, and to create the best possible experience for everyone involved.

I view building surfboards as art, and design.  The best boards I can shape are with my hands.  This emphasizes the surfer/shaper connection, allowing for changes needed from board to board, person to person.

Whether it be individuals or shops, I work with partners, not customers.  This partnership is purposely designed to work with, improve, and enjoy your surfing experience.  I personally want to work with people who are excited about surfing, getting to know one another, and working together on a personal level, to make your surfing experience the best it can be.

For most surfers, surfing is an integral part of their life.  We spend a lot of time thinking about, preparing for, and doing it.  In my opinion, your surfing is worth investing in relationships to make this lifelong pursuit enjoyable and as purposeful as possible.

My goal isn’t to make surfboards for perfect waves, or for perfect surfers.  My goal and intention is to build surfboards for real surfers, surfing real everyday waves, and to help take your surfing where you want it to go.

Michael Arenal

Shaping Bio

2013-1016: Ghost shaped in Southern Orange County finishing machine cut blanks.

2014 - Present: Hand Shaping for Kookbox Surfboards

2016 - Present: Hand Shaping for Hobie Surfboards - Article

2017 - Present: Hand Shaping for Trimcraft Surfboards